Types of Floor Finish

Finishes for Timber flooring Chatswood Timber finishes are quite permanent. A finish can be removed, but the removal process is quite difficult. So it is best to make the right decision about the right finish for your timber floor. Best to get it right the first time.  Indoor Timber Flooring Unlike outdoor structures an interior […]

Engineered Timber

Engineered floorboards combine several different types of timber, producing a floor that has many advantages. It is better than the sum of its part. The top layer of an engineered floor is chosen for its aesthetic appeal, and its hardwearing durability. This can be an expensive type of hardwood, but the cost is much lower […]

Summer Decking

Timber flooring northern beaches Many of us in Australia are lucky enough to have a few outdoor facilities to use during the summer months. Outdoor gazeboes, patios, pool decking and BBQ areas are great during the hot weather. Unfortunately the experience can be ruined by insects, especially after sunset. Some preparations can keep the insects […]

Cuts of Timber, Woodgrain and Strength

Brookvale Timber Suppliers There are several ways to cut up a timber log. The different cutting methods will produce timber planks of different strengths, and will tend to give different grain patterns according to the angle that the wood is cut. Plainsawn Timber Planks This is a fairly common method of cutting up a circular […]

Winter Flooring

Floor Timber Brookvale As well and being long lasting timber floors are also versatile. We can adapt them for Summer or Winter weather. Carpet or tile floors do not really offer this possibility. Underfloor Timber Sydney Northern Beaches Timber floors that have underfloor heating work well in winter. There are no drafts of noise with […]

Timber and the Ecosystem

Brookvale Timber Suppliers Timber is actually one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. It is very misleading to think that we compromise the ecosystem by chopping down trees to make timber. Trees absorb Carbon dioxide (CO2) and produce oxygen, which humans and animals breathe. This is a major part of the ecosystem. If there […]

Bamboo Flooring Manly

Bamboo Flooring Manly Bamboo has proved a popular flooring material. It looks great, can be processed to many different colours, and it is quite environmentally sound. It is also moderately priced. One of the few disadvantages is that bamboo, especially the old varieties, will scratch on the surface. The risk of this can be minimized […]

Vinyl on Wooden Floors North Shore

Vinyl on Wooden Floors North Shore Vinyl is one of the most popular flooring options, usually appearing in at least one room of any house. The idea for synthetic material floor tiles first appeared early in the 20th century. But it wasn’t until 1926 that PVC was developed and vinyl flooring became a realistic and […]

Wooden Flooring Northern Beaches

Wooden Flooring Northern Beaches Advantages of wooden flooring Good quality timber lasts for many decades. Some floors have lasted over a century. Timber floors are weather versatile. They can be left bare in summer, or covered with rugs in winter for warmth. Bare floors in summer are great for circulating cooler air. Solid Hardwood floors […]

Timber Flooring North Shore

Acoustic Underlay Timber Floor Installers Sydney, There are many advantages if you install acoustic underlay beneath your timber floor. Floors are better underfoot. The acoustic underlay give a slightly springy feel to the floor which is easy on feet. The floor lasts even longer than usual with the soft support underneath. External Acoustic isolation. By […]