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Outdoor decking on your home is great in the summer months. They are great for socializing, BBQ and outdoor eating, or just some dry area after some bad weather.

Timber Decking Brookvale

But like many things outdoor timber decking needs some maintenance. They are exposed to the harsh elements of the Sun and wet weather. Over time the wood will eventually be worse for wear. The sooner the wood is looked after the better.

  1. Inspect the decking for damage Look for wood rot, and any places where wood is becoming detached.
  2. The timber of the deck should have been sealed against moisture. Look to see how a small amount of water on the timber surface reacts. If the water beads on the surface the waterproof coating is still there. If the water soaks into the wood then the coating has worn away.
  3. If the decking is painted or stained you will need to remove this with chemical thinners.
  4. The deck will need sanding. This is a difficult process involving a lot of sawdust. Either hire a sanding service or use breathing equipment. Make sure that the sanding removes any and all of the fungus and mildew.
  5. Recoat the deck with oil or wood stain. Many products for this type of timber staining are fairly toxic and only useable outdoors. Breathing equipment is recommended.
    Wood stains will permanently alter the colour of the timber, so choose a stain colour that you want long term.

Brookvale Timber Suppliers

There are several timbers well suited to outdoor decking. Consider Merbau, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, Brazilian Cherry, or Cypress.

Talk to us about staining timber and protective coatings.