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Australia is fortunate to have many excellent quality timbers. Whether used as raw solid flooring, cut to form engineered flooring, or processed to form laminated flooring, Australian timber produces high quality, long lasting flooring for home and businesses.


Brookvale Timber Laminators

Laminate combines the best qualities on many woods. It is a very popular choice for indoors.

Really high quality timber has high strength and a pleasing surface appearance. But this sort of timber is also quite expensive. Laminate uses a thin surface layer of this premium timber and builds a quality product with several layers of different woods. The result is a great looking timber floor that resists shrinkage and is strong and durable enough to last for years.

Laminate is available in many finishes and colours. There are always many great decorating option with laminate.


 Floating Timber Floors Brookvale

Floating floors are installed above existing floors. They usually consist of engineered timber flooring, cut to shape in order to lock together, over a layer of insulation. They are not permanently attached to the solid floor underneath.

These floors are great for installing over concrete, or for sound insulation in multi-level buildings.

Timber Decking Brookvale

Many homes have outdoor decking for patios, pool areas, entertainment areas, food serveries, BBQ’s or for gazebos.  Good quality decking timber needs to stand up to sun, rain, human traffic and the exposure to chlorinated pool water. We have the right timbers with the right finishes for you to build long lasting outdoor structures. There is also a fairly wide range of decorative colours.


Timber Supplies Brookvale

As The Brookvale timber supplies specialist Oaklands is the Timber Sydney North Shore resident use. We also supply timber Sydney Northern Beaches.


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