​Laminate Floor

Laminate was originally created as an affordable alternative to hardwood. Back in the 1970s when laminate flooring was first introduced to the market, homeowners loved the fact that they could get a durable floor that looked like wood, but didn't have the hardwood price tag.
In those early days, style was sacrificed for affordability. If you had a laminate floor back then, it may have looked like wood, but it probably also looked fake or "plastic-y", which used to be a drawback of this flooring type.
Today, advanced printing technologies have enabled manufacturers to create a wide variety of laminate visuals that look so close to their original source, they can even fool flooring experts.
Laminate is usually the preferred choice for busy homes with kids and pets. It's highly durable, generally more affordable and designed for worry-free living.


What is Laminate floor?

Laminate flooring is a type of synthetic floors, which means it is man-made instead of nature-made. The beauty of laminate flooring is that it can designed to look like any material: stone, tile, wood, even metal or leather.

Laminate flooring is constructed in layers. The bottom layer is the "backing". It's designed to resist moisture that could cause boards to warp.
Above the backing is the inner core. The core is made from high-density fiberboard that is reinforced with a special resin to further enhance moisture resistance and increase durability.
Next is the image design layer. This is where the high-resolution image of wood, stone, metal, or other material appears. The texture is applied to enhance its realistic appeal.
The top layer is the wear layer. This layer protects the design from fading, scratches, and damage from everyday wear and tear.

Benefits of Our Laminate

  • Attractive
    Available in authentic Oaks visuals with modern colour tones from light to dark and individual, distinguished planks. A floor of timeless beauty to enrich any place.
  • Innovative
    Looks and feels like a precious hardwood floor – unrivalled in depth and precision of how the structure meets perfectly with the decor. Manufactured with the latest technology.
  • Healthy
    Produced to strict European standards. For a healthy living, emissions of vapors are the same as you would expect from wood in its natural state.
  • Ecological
    Produced at the most modern, environmental friendly production facility of its kind.
  • Resilient
    Superior abrasion, scratch & impact resistance as well as colourfast (anti-fade) & anti-static properties.
  • Affordable
    Unbeatable Price vs Performance ratio compared to traditional hard wood floors. Great value for money with long-term cost savings making it the ideal choice for your flooring solution. It is a low maintenance and easy to care flooring, there is no need to wax, polish or sand it. Your KronoSwiss floor will stay looking like the day you installed it for many years.

Our Laminate Collections

Luxury Laminate

The Luxury Laminate introduces the robustness of a laminate floor with the authentic look of a naturally wide and long timber plank.
The Abrasion Class of the AC4 surface is up to 40X more resistant to scratching than a lacquered surface.
The detail in the genuine-looking decor is not repeated at all over the entire length of the plank, make it a great cost effective alternative to wooden floors.
The planks are 192mm in width and 2280mm in length adding to the overall genuine look. The all-round v-grove provides an expansive impression across the entire floor.

Premium Laminate

Premium Laminate is characterised by its wide variety of authentic looking, Oak finish made it to fit any contemporary modern interior. Each panel feathures an embossed wood grain texture to offer the most realistic effect.​

Dimension: 2200x 196 x 12mm

Pack: 2.156m2/ctn/5 planks

Finish: AC4

Contemporary Laminate

Contemporary Laminate with great decors and colours will suite most modern interior designs.
The all-round V-Groove provides an expansive impression across the entire floor. The Vintage range of floors incorporate a highly realistic saw-cut & wear structures that you can clearly see and feel.

Dimensions: 1215 long x 166 wide x 12.3mm thick
Abrasion Class (AC3-31) Commercial Grade
Waxed Edge Click Lock System with V-Groove
Box contains 8 planks = 1.61352 sqm

Luxe Giant Laminate (Extra Wide)

Luxe Giant is avaliable in a range of five aesthetically relevan colours chosen for Australian interior design market.
Manufactured in an extra wide panel. Our Luxe range is dedicated to creat a sense of open space.

Dimension: 2250x 238 x 12mm

Pack: 2.142m2/ctn/4 planks

Finish: AC4

Please note that here are only part of our collections, the full range is available for inspection at our BROOKVALE SHOWROOM.