Bamboo Flooring Manly

Bamboo Flooring Manly

Bamboo has proved a popular flooring material. It looks great, can be processed to many different colours, and it is quite environmentally sound. It is also moderately priced. One of the few disadvantages is that bamboo, especially the old varieties, will scratch on the surface. The risk of this can be minimized with some planning and good habits.

  • Bamboo material should be grown for seven years to reach maximum strength. Some bamboo is only grown for five years, which compromises the durability.
  • Have all residents and visitors remove their shoes when entering a room with bamboo flooring.
  • Use coasters / pads under all furniture legs. This will prevent hard furniture materials from scratching the surface of the floor. Coasters can be made from felt, cork, rubber or plastic.
  • Matts and rugs will protect the floor surface, but they are inclined to slip on a hard floor. This can be prevented by using mats and rugs with rubber backing. Sometime is it sufficient to attach rubber beneath the corners of the mat.

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  • Both bamboo and timber floors benefit from the use of microfiber cloths and static mops. Keep these on hand for use on the floor.
  • Scuff marks can be removed with materials that are slightly abrasive. A ‘magic eraser’, made of melamine, is ideal for this.
  • Floors that retain dirt may have soap scum or dried detergent on the surface. This makes the floor slightly sticky, trapping dust and grime. Try cleaning the floor with a mixture of hot water and half a cup of vinegar. This should remove the problem.

Sanding Timber Flooring Neutral Bay

Timber and bamboo flooring is fairly robust, and will last for decades under normal conditions. But no flooring material is completely immune to damage. Surfaces will show signs of wear even with the most thorough of precautions.

Hardwood timber floors can be re-sanded and polished to remove surface scratches. The essentially gives a new floor surface that may be re-stained and re-coated. It is not unusual for home owners to have their floors re-sanded once every 10 years. Timber floors can easily last a century with periodic re-sanding.

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Hardwood Timber and bamboo are both fine choices for any home floor. And there is always something appropriate for any décor. Check the options to suit your home.