Cuts of Timber, Woodgrain and Strength

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There are several ways to cut up a timber log. The different cutting methods will produce timber planks of different strengths, and will tend to give different grain patterns according to the angle that the wood is cut.

Plainsawn Timber Planks

This is a fairly common method of cutting up a circular log.

Flat timber planks are cut in parallel from one side of the log to the other.

This produces timber planks of varying strength and appearance. Planks cut through the centre of the tree trunk will be strong and tend to have good timber grain. Planks cut from the sides of the tree will be less strong and usually have less desirable wood grain patterns.

This plainsawn cutting will not waste much timber, but the quality of the timber planks produced is variable.

Riftsawn Timber Planks

This produces timber planks by cutting from the outside of the tree into the centre. The planks are always cut at right angles to the trees rings, so the woodgrain is consistent across all the timber planks.

Riftsawn timber is consistently strong, and tends to have fairly good grain patterns.

Unfortunately, some timber is wasted by this method. But the offcuts can be used to make particleboard.

Quarter sawn Timber Planks

This is similar to riftsawn method, but the timber planks are not all cut towards the absolute centre of the log. This means less wasted timber, and that the planks are comparable to the quality and woodgrain of the riftsawn method.

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