Engineered Timber

Engineered floorboards combine several different types of timber, producing a floor that has many advantages. It is better than the sum of its part.

The top layer of an engineered floor is chosen for its aesthetic appeal, and its hardwearing durability. This can be an expensive type of hardwood, but the cost is much lower than a solid form of this hardwood because only a moderately thin layer is used.

The middle layers of engineered floorboards are used for their strength stability. This type of timber may not be fancy looking, but it is very reliable. And the stability is further increased by using several layers at cross angles.

Engineered timber is more stable than hardwood. It will hardly ever bend or warp. Even when exposed to higher levels of moisture the engineered timber will suffer minimal warping.

A further advantage of engineered floorboards is the way they are pre-cut. The sides have tongue-and-groove edges that lock together with each adjacent plank. This, along with uniformity of the boards, allows then to be installed quickly and with minimal fuss.

Engineered timber flooring Chatswood

Engineered flooring can be installed in minimal time and still give excellent results. They can also work well as a DIY project of only moderate difficulty.

There are engineered floors any many styles, so if you plan to have a timber floor then there will be suitable engineered floors available.