Summer Decking

Timber flooring northern beaches

Many of us in Australia are lucky enough to have a few outdoor facilities to use during the summer months. Outdoor gazeboes, patios, pool decking and BBQ areas are great during the hot weather. Unfortunately the experience can be ruined by insects, especially after sunset.

Some preparations can keep the insects away:

  • Some plants will deter insects. Mint, rosemary, lemongrass, chives, basil, garlic, lemongrass
  • Bug lanterns will burn a repellent that keeps insects way, especially good at night.
  • Yellow light will keep insects away at night.
  • Burn some tiki torches with citronella oil
  • Burn some citronella candles, though these should be kept away from food.
  • Short grass will have less insects, so mow the lawn.
  • Cover all drinks and food, especially anything with sugar.
  • Dilute hydrogen peroxide can be sprayed on surfaces to deter insects
  • Essential oil like citronella, eucalyptus, lavender can be diluted and sprayed on surfaces.

Timber Flooring North Shore

Designing the Timber floor decking:

  • Build any outdoor structures out of pressure treated wood or composite decking. Insects cannot burrow into these.
  • Alternately timbers like cypress or cedar are bug proof, and fairly long lasting.
  • The ground under the decking can be covered with composite plywood to prevent ground insects coming up through gaps in the decking.
  • Alternately, mesh under the decking will prevent insects from coming to the surface.
  • Get rid of any bodies of still water, which will encourage some insects to breed.
  • Keep grass short, which will discourage some type of insects.

Floor installation