Timber and the Ecosystem

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Timber is actually one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. It is very misleading to think that we compromise the ecosystem by chopping down trees to make timber.

Trees absorb Carbon dioxide (CO2) and produce oxygen, which humans and animals breathe. This is a major part of the ecosystem. If there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere the balance is compromised and the Earth will start to grow warmer.

A forest has trees constantly growing and dying over a long period of time. The CO2 absorbed while the tree was alive is re-released back into the atmosphere as the tree dies and decomposes. This makes forests carbon neutral- the decomposing trees give back as much CO2 as the growing trees absorb.

By harvesting timber from mature trees we prevent the tree from releasing CO2 back into the atmosphere. Most of the CO2 remains stored in the timber. It is only lost if the timber is burnt or if it decomposes. Timber used for building purposed keeps CO2 safely stored and out of the environment.

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Bamboo also looks to be a good, ecologically friendly building material. The bamboo will absorb CO2 while growing, and keep that CO2 safely stored when used as a building material. Bamboo even has an advantage over wood in being very fast to grow.

Any other building materials such as metal mined from the ground or plastics derived from oil are less environmentally friendly than wood. They require a great deal of energy to process. This energy produces a significant amount of CO2, which is bad for the atmosphere and environment.

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