Winter Flooring

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As well and being long lasting timber floors are also versatile. We can adapt them for Summer or Winter weather. Carpet or tile floors do not really offer this possibility.

Underfloor Timber Sydney Northern Beaches

Timber floors that have underfloor heating work well in winter. There are no drafts of noise with underfloor heating systems. The heat rises from the floor and feels like natural warm weather.

Of course this underfloor heating system has to be preinstalled, but it is a good option in colder climates. Open Timber is the best flooring material for underfloor heating.

Winter Flooring

Bare timber floors can be adapted to suit the colder months of the year.

  • Add rugs to the floor to provide insulation. These are also soft underfoot. Rubber backed floor rugs are less likely to slip.
  • Electrically heated rugs are a good option.
  • Windows with thermal insulation and UV protection will help insulate the inside of the house from the outside cold while still allowing light in. This saves on heating bills.
  • A makeshift solution for window insulation is attaching bubble wrap inside and out.
  • Windows can be further insulated with heavy curtains. Especially good at night.
  • Heat rises, so heaters that are at floor level will work more efficiently than heaters that are high up.
  • Ceiling fans that draw air up will help spread the warmth through the room. Put the regular fans in reverse to draw the heat up from heat sources on the floor.
  • Cover hard surfaces with fabrics like tablecloths. This prevents heat from being conducted away.
  • Put a rolled up towel at the base of the door to prevent drafts of loss of heat.
  • By spending most of the time in one or two rooms you can reduce heating costs.
  • Timber floors will expand and contract slightly with the heat and cold. But this will not be a problem if they are designed and installed correctly.

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Timber floors are a great investment for any home or office building. With occasional re-sanding they last for decades. And they work well for summer and winter seasons.